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The Giveaway

A Brand Spankin' New Website and a Celebratory Giveaway You may have heard that we launched a new website. You may have even noticed our new digs after landing on this page. The goal was to spiff things up a bit, sure, but we also wanted to make our website easier for you to navigate, view our galleries and submit requests for quotes. Be sure to take a look around and let us know what you think of the new site. We always love to get feedback from our customers, good or bad, so don't be shy!

archways and ceilings website

Well, if you know us at all, you know that we couldn't let this launch go by without a little celebration. So we popped the bubbly and had ourselves a nice little party. But that didn't seem like enough. We were missing something, and that something was the reason for the redesign in the first place – you! So on October 30, we decided to run a contest. And as you'd probably imagine, this wasn't just any old contest. We had to put our own Archways and Ceilings Made Easy spin on it.

The Details

The contest was run on Instagram and promoted through our Instagram account @archking57. If you aren't following yet, get on that. To enter, you simply had to like our contest image and tag two friends in the comments. We had over 50 entrants vying for one of our prizes: 3 Pneuhooks, 5 Jackass Sawhorses and 10 of our very own “Expert Curved Framing” t-shirts. Winners were announced on Instagram on November 6. When it came to choosing which winners would get which prize, we had a little fun. We took a potato gun and a bunch of tennis balls and went to the park. Each tennis ball had a winner's name written on it, and the three people waiting to catch the balls each represented one of the prizes.

The Winners from Instagram:

Pneuhooks: @woodshopco @highpressureframing @beardsboardsbeers

Jackass: @kaysifox @englischmike @canuckcreates @el_oso_feon @_youngcheezy

T-shirts: @sekhojase @gsgazzola @njf_construction @heresjohnnyrcb @thecapecodhousewife @utter_john @oneluckymr @drywallbydesign @omrmtz @jeremyjohnson30

About the Prizes:

The Pneuhook is designed to hold your pneumatic tools to allow for a quick change and a smooth job. It's about more than just convenience. The Pneuhook provides a safe space for your tools, so you can reduce the risk of breaking or losing them during a job. You can also shave time off of your job in small increments throughout the day. Just think about how much time you spend looking for your tools when you need them.

Jackass Sawhorses
With a few plywood scraps and a Jackass Sawhorse kit, you can create a folding sawhorse at any job site. All It takes is 1-1/3 (1.3) 4’X8’X3/4″ subfloor grade material to build one complete set.

Archways & Ceilings Vintage "Expert Curved Framework" T-shirts
Be one of the cool kids with a vintage “Expert Curved Framework” t-shirt. Seriously, you can't buy these things, so you may call them priceless.

archways and ceilings contest winners

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