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Archways & Ceilings is OPEN for business → read more.
Welcome Canadians! → start here

Specialty Ceilings

Most people think of a specialty ceiling as anything that is not a basic flat ceiling. At Archways and Ceilings our definition goes far beyond that. “Normal” specialty ceilings such Domed Ceilings, Barrel Vaults, Coved Ceilings, and Groin Vaults are routine for us. Reason being, we have perfected the method of constructing these particular ceilings and have made it easy for anyone to install one of our ceiling kits in their home. However, our expertise goes beyond what’s advertised on our website.

We constantly get customers asking us for new and creative ceilings, and most of the time we are able to design the unique ceiling feature that they are looking for. Archways & Ceilings has the ability to take a customer’s concept / architectural element and create a 3D CAD of the particular ceiling first. Once we have completed the CAD and received the Customer’s approval we breakdown the technicality of the ceiling into a basic assembly process with our patented line of Archways & Ceilings products.

So when the customer receives the product, all they have to do is nail into place. We take away all the thinking, hard work and error when it comes to constructing these particular ceilings on site. Not to mention, we produce these ceilings kits at such an affordable price that we believe our pricing cannot be surpassed. Take a look at a Cloister Vault we designed and produced for a customer who was looking for something a little different than your groin vault. He decided to build a cloister in the master bedroom because he had to clear the pitch of the roof. It was a very good solution to maximize the height of his ceiling and still bring an architectural element to the room.

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