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Unique Ideas for Remodeling Ceilings

It’s an often overlooked part of the home, but remodeling ceilings can change your entire room

Remodeling your home usually involves getting new floors, cabinets and fixtures, but too many people neglect the ceiling. Why aren’t we remodeling ceilings too? Okay, so it’s kind of understandable. You’re not in the habit of entering a home and staring at the ceiling. But, once you get a look at these ceilings, you’ll probably never think of remodeling the same way again.

In fact, when you so much as hear that a neighbor is going to remodel her house, the next natural question will be “So, what are you doing with your ceilings?”

A Groin Vault Takes Center Stage – Try this on for size. Picture a stunning groin vault in the center of the room. It’s flanked with bold white molding and painted just a shade darker than the rest of the ceiling. Since a groin vault is made with intersecting barrel vaults, you’ll want to accentuate the intersection. So, you hang an antique chandelier from the vault’s center. Its light bounces back from each angle of the groin vault and your guests can’t stop staring. You didn’t know remodeling ceilings could be so fun, did you?

Dome Ceilings Provide a Window to the Night Sky – Dome ceilings have been used throughout history in some of the greatest architectural masterpieces. But, they’re also somewhat reminiscent of a planetarium ceiling – especially when you commission an artist to paint the sky inside. Of course, if your tastes are different, you can paint anything you’d like on the inside of your dome. The sky is the limit, so to speak. This design idea combines the idea of remodeling ceilings with creating a work of art. Your guests will be in awe!

A Barrel Vault Adds Curves to Your Wall – Add a barrel vault to just one portion of your ceiling. Then, accent that section of the barrel with stone. This way, you’ll draw attention to the fact that the barrel vault changed more than just the ceiling. It added some curvature to the otherwise straight and boring lines of your wall. It’ll almost seem unfair that the wall gets all the attention from the unique ceiling design, but it’s a nice look nonetheless. This is a perfect example of how remodeling ceilings can change the look of your entire room.

It’s not just the barrel vault in the above example that changes the look of the room. The act of remodeling ceilings can add depth to your room and create an airy, lighter feel. Add some well-placed lighting and you’ll not only draw attention to your cool new ceiling, but you’ll make the room seem larger. Remodeling ceilings can really be a fun process if you just let your imagination run wild. You certainly don’t have to choose one of the three options above. Be creative and come up with a design that will work best with your home. 

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