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Master Bedroom Arched Ceiling Designs

Master Bedroom Arched Ceiling Designs

Are you tired of boring flat ceilings or boxed up tray ceilings for your master bedrooms? Well it is time to think outside the box. Don't worry, changing your ceiling design doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. If you are looking to dress up your master bedroom and bring in an architectural element then take a look at some of these arched ceiling designs.

Groin vault Ceilings

Groin vaults are a customer favorite and look good in any part of a house but they especially look great in the master bedroom. Implementing a groin vault into your design of a master bedroom is quite simple. A groin vault can either drop down below your ceiling or pop up into your attic space. It all depends on what design works best for your needs. This particular ceiling will have your home owners saying “Wow!”

Barrel Vault ceilings

Barrel vaults are one of the easiest details to add to a master bedroom because they allow for the most adjustability. Meaning, you are not limited on ceiling height. If you don't have room to pop up into the attic then the barrel can be adjusted to have a softer rise that will allow it to fit your living space but if you have the room you can increase the rise of the barrel to get a more curved arched ceiling. These particular ceilings look great going from one wall to another and running the length of the room or by adding them to your tray ceiling to give you some extra height in your room.

Cove Ceilings

Coved ceilings are a subtle approach to add that extra kick of detail to a master bedroom. Usually this particular ceiling will help create a softer overall appearance and bring that custom feel to your bedroom. Cove ceilings can also be grand if you implement the right design to feature this particular ceiling too. For example, if you have a tray ceiling you can create a cove ceiling design that will bring a grand architectural element to the room.

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