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Inspiring ceiling ideas for your dream home

4 Stunning Ceiling Ideas

For many people, designing a dream home is kind of like planning a wedding. Years before the event takes place, you’ve already picked out the cabinets, floors, countertops and fixtures. You know exactly where everything should go and you may even have some magazine swipes to help illustrate your dream. But have you thought to look above the cabinets? That bare ceiling space is just screaming out for some character. It’s time to add some curves to your dream home. Here are some ceiling ideas to get you started.

The “Look at Me” Ceiling

You’ll notice many things about this design, but the first is that it’s very dark – except, of course, for that one pop of color in the domed ceiling. This should spark some ceiling ideas for your media room, but in lighter shades, it may also work well in a kitchen or dining room. This dome was closed off with drywall and molding in the shape of a flower, which makes it pretty extraordinary. So, it’s no surprise that the designer used a one-of-a-kind chandelier to light up the space. The recessed lighting set in dark wood just adds to the movie-theater appeal.

The Grandiose Tower

This is somewhat of a unique design, but nonetheless a great idea. This designer surrounded the dome with pillars to replicate the feel of being inside a tower. It’s like having a small yet dramatic room within a room. This is an impressive example of how ceiling ideas are only limited to your imagination.

My Home is My Castle

If you think of your dream home as an imposing castle, this may be the ceiling design for you. Because of the groin vaulted ceiling, this hallway looks like it may lead to the royal chambers, but it’s actually the path to the master bedroom.

The Ring of Fire

No one can deny that fire is mesmerizing and so is this ceiling dome. The bright white light surrounding it subtly draws your attention away from the television and fireplace below, which is not any easy task. The simplicity of this dome is just a testament to the fact that ceiling ideas don’t have to be elaborate to make an impact.

A Clever Cove

This ceiling is a little tricky because it’s not obvious where the walls end and the ceiling begins. This is actually a coved ceiling with molding surrounding each side. Because of the design, it actually looks like the ceiling is smaller than the rest of the room. Clever cove…

So, now that you have everything else picked out for your dream home, it’s time to start thinking about ceiling ideas. You wouldn’t want plain, boring ceilings to fill your castle, now would you? 

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