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How to Frame & Drywall a Cove Ceiling Affordably

If you are looking for a way to jazz up your home, remodeling your arches and ceilings is perfect. Not sure what you can do to change the feel or look of a room? Look up! Adding a classy cove ceiling can really change the personality of a room or hallway.

How to frame a cove ceiling affordably!

Cove Ceilings are a beautiful addition to any room or hallway. However, they are usually very expensive and time consuming. Until now these beautiful cove ceilings have been found in high-end custom homes. But now with Archways & Ceilings, these beautiful ceilings are now found in first time homebuyer homes. Archways & Ceilings has taken the once hefty price tag and cut it by more than half along with simplifying the construction process and eliminating the need for skilled labor. Let's see just how affordable and easy it truly is.

How affordable are Archways & Ceiling’s cove ceiling kits?

A 12ft by 12ft room with a 12in radius cove ceiling kit costs $206.50, a 15ft by 15 ft cove ceiling kit with a 12in radius costs $247.00, or a 20ft by 20ft cove ceiling kit with a 12in radius costs $314.00 and they all take less than 30 minutes to install. Furthermore, we build all cove ceiling kits to your measurements within 3-5 days and then ship them directly to your jobsite.

How Easy Is It To Install An Archways & Ceiling’s Cove Ceiling Kit?

A cove ceiling built on site has traditionally taken a few days to build along with requiring a great deal of plywood and lumber along with a very skilled carpenter. However, a cove ceiling kit by Archways & Ceilings installs in less than 30-40 minutes. We accomplish this by eliminating the prep work along with all the cutting time. It is now as simple as putting the preformed curved cove in place and then nailing. If you can paint by numbers, then you can install a cove ceiling. Just to further illustrate how easy it truly is, we have had several DIYers install a cove ceiling successfully in a home renovation project. See for yourself,watch a cove ceiling being installed on our YouTube channel.

How Do You Drywall an Archways & Ceilings’ Cove Ceiling Kit?

Simple, with just a few easy steps it is as easy as cutting the drywall to length, pressing the board into place, and fastening with your standard drywall screws. Don't believe me, take a look at How to Drywall a Cove Ceiling on our YouTube Channel.

A cove ceiling could give you the competitive edge over your competition next door. For a very minimal investment you can easily set yourself apart while adding value to your homes. Remember, we have videos and instructions for you every step of the way. We take to heart our “ Made Easy ” claim! And, if you should have any additional questions along the way, call us toll free. We would love to hear from you.

Now that is Cove Ceiling Made Easy!

Build Your Cove Ceiling Now

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