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Experimenting with High Ceiling Design

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Have you ever been to a home that had just plain old straight high ceilings? It’s kind of a shame, isn’t it? There’s so much opportunity there, but it’s just being wasted with the standard old design. If you’re getting ready to design a home with high ceilings, don’t go down that road.

Instead, opt for a high ceiling design that will make a huge impact. When the ceilings are high, people naturally want to look up. Shouldn’t they be looking at something that catches their interest? We think so. That’s why we’ve assembled this small collection of high ceiling design ideas to help give you some inspiration.

A Rusticly Groin Vaulted Entryway

A groin vault is usually used to give a gothic or medieval feel to a space, but the home designer here had a different idea. This designer too the high ceiling design and gave it a modern, rustic appeal. Notice the use of archways on either side of the groin vault ceiling. Could this be a villa in Tuscany? Maybe so. Or, maybe it’s just the inspiration for your new home.

An Illuminated Dome

If you already have a high ceiling, this high ceiling design can make it pop just a little higher in any chosen spot. Many people use domes to anchor chandeliers as you can see here. This one also has an inner light ring that makes the dome glow just a little bit brighter. When the sun goes down, it can be a challenge to light large rooms, but domes like these make it a little easier.

Larger-Than-Life Coved Ceiling

If you’re looking for high ceiling ideas that make your space look even larger than it already is, you’ve met your match. The coved ceiling doesn’t actually make your ceiling any higher, but it does draw attention to its height while adding depth to make it seem even farther away than it really is.

The Embellished Groin Vault

We’ve already seen how a groin vault can accent a high ceiling, but this example just shows that there’s more to be done with this one design. As you can see here, the groin vault is embellished with molding, but otherwise kept very simple to coordinate with the monochromatic scheme of the room.

When it’s time to choose a high ceiling design, you almost can’t go wrong. Just, whatever you do, don’t leave the ceilings boring and flat. You’ve got the opportunity to make a huge impact in your room. Take it. As you can see from this mini gallery, something as simple as a ceiling can transform your entire room into something really extraordinary. 

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