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Groin Ceilings, Domed Ceilings, Barrel Vaults & Coved Ceilings: New Home Construction Projects

When designing a home it is important to incorporate architectural details such as groin vaults, dome ceilings, coved ceilings and barrel vaults. These particular additions will help take your home to the next level.

Here are some ideas for your next project:

Many Homes have long hallways and are often over looked, but this is a great place to add a series of groin ceilings. A groin ceiling will add character and bring that old world feel to any home. With a little planning up front, most hallways can incorporate a groin vault detail. The hallway below is an example of taking a normal boring hallway and bumping it up to the next level. Also, these particular groins will have columns built underneath them to accent and capture the true old world architectural design.

Domed Ceilings are another popular detail that can be easily incorporated into most homes. Often you can find these ceilings in foyers, master bedrooms and bathrooms. One place that can be overlooked is over the stairs. In this particular case, the home had unwanted roof rafters that would leave the home with hard funky lines when finished. So in order to avoid this, we domed the top of the stairway not only to add a little design but also to hide the pitch of the roof.

Note: The Archways & Ceilings Product can be easily modified and custom made to any home. See the example below of how we adjusted the dome rafters to go up and around the window.

Another design element that can be incorporated in most homes, would be the barrel ceiling. The barrel vault is great because it has more leeway for a home. What I mean by this, is the rise of the arch can easily be altered to fit the needs of any room. The barrel vault can either be a full half circle, elliptical, or a soft arch. For example, if you have plenty of ceiling height then a half circle barrel is often preferred, but if you do not have a lot of room to work with, then a softer barrel would be preferred. Not to mention the barrel vault can easily be intersected with conjoining archways. See example below.

Finally, pop up ceilings are most often overlooked and left square or rectangle in shape. The cove ceiling is a perfect fit for these particular ceilings. The cove will bring a subtle curve to your boxy ceiling and add a softer look. The cove ceiling is great when accompanied with accent lighting.

So remember, take a little time and plan plan plan. With a little planning, your next home will look like it should be on the cover of a magazine. Whether you add a groin ceiling, domed ceiling, cove ceiling or barrel vault the finished product will help take your home to the next level.

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