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Finding the Right Ceiling Designs for Homes

Ceiling designs for homes you’ll want to make your own

What do you want your guests to see when they look up? If you give the subject some thought, you’re probably not going to say a boring flat surface.

You might want them to look up at the sky, in which case, skylights are your answer. But if you want to be a little more creative, you may include some unexpected curves. They may not know the first thing about ceiling designs for homes, but they’ll be awestruck when they see what you’ve created. Check out these ceiling designs for homes for some inspiration:

Barrel Ceiling

If you take a look at our barrels in the ceiling designs for homes gallery, and the one below, you’ll see that a barrel ceiling is actually quite simple. It looks like someone just grabbed the center of one of those boring, flat ceilings and pulled it upward to create a curve. That’s not exactly how it’s done, but the process isn’t too far from this. You’ll also notice that it creates a tunnel-like effect for the room. So, whether it’s a large or small space, you can make a big impact with this simple curve.

Cove Ceiling

Just one look at this room and you’ll know that the cove ceiling is special. What you probably won’t know right away, though, is that it’s also rather easy to create. Cove ceilings are made by adding small arches between the wall and the ceiling (where there would normally be an angle). At the bottom of this curve, you’ll find molding that just adds a flair of drama to the ceiling. You could see yourself dining in a space like this, couldn’t you?

The Dome

Domes, like the one shown here, and the many shown in our “Ceiling Designs for Homes” showcase, is a pretty typical example of a ceiling dome. They are often used to accentuate one area of a room. For example, a dome might be placed above a bed or a bathtub, or it might be strategically placed in the entryway of a home. But as you can see, domes add quite a bit of interest to an otherwise boring ceiling.

Groin Ceiling

Ah, the groin ceiling. It is one of our most popular ceiling types, and as you can see from the example, it’s popular for good reason. If you’re looking for the ultimate “wow factor,” this is your ceiling. Depending on your décor, it can be used to create virtually any type of design, from Tuscan to modern. Just don’t ask it to do ordinary. The groin ceiling simply doesn’t do ordinary.

When you’re looking for ceiling designs for homes, you definitely have options. Our hope is just that you stray from the norm to create something extraordinary. You’ll know you’ve created a masterpiece when your guests can’t decide which is more interesting: the floor, the ceiling or the rest of the décor. If they aren’t looking up, well, you’re not quite there yet.

Photo Credit:

Cove Ceiling Picture provided by Hensley Premier Builders

Groin Vault Picture provided by Carothers Executive Homes  

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