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Inspiration Gallery: Designer Ceilings

When building a dream home for a discerning couple, only the best of the best will do, and that means adding different types of designer ceilings.

As you sit waiting for your clients to arrive, you hear the almost inaudible sound of a Maybach 57S pulling up the driveway; one of the last to be made. A pair of red-bottomed Louboutins emerge from the passenger-side doorway while a meticulously-maintained pair of Ferragamo wingtips breeze around the other side of the vehicle. These are clients who value style above all else. They will expect nothing but the best, and you’ll surely deliver…. Just as you have a hundred times before. But when it comes to building design, it’s not as much about the label as it is about the impact and quality. Everything has to be perfect. That’s why you’ll sprinkle a nice mix of designer ceilings throughout this home.

Let’s start where all great home plans shine: the kitchen. Regardless of who you’re planning for, a large percentage of the budget is almost always spent in the kitchen, and for obvious reasons. This room is a source for midnight snacks, family gatherings and weekly dish sessions with friends. It’s also the room where people tend to congregate whenever you have a group over. That’s why it has to be spectacular. Designer ceilings are a must. Consider a backlit dome above the kitchen island to wow your clients and their guests. >

Although all the action is in the kitchen, many guests will stay where you intended this dinner party to be held: the dining room. So, don’t forget to add designer ceilings here too. This one is also a dome, but it is an elongated in shape to fit the room. As you can see, it offers a very different look.

When the last hors d’oeuvres has been served and the guests have gone their separate ways, it’s time to draw a nice warm bath, relax and reflect on the amazing shindig you just threw. It’s kind of a universal concept. That’s why you’ll need designer ceilings over the master bath. A dome could work well, but a barrel ceiling can create a different feel; almost separating the tub from the rest of the room. And as you design the rest of the rooms in this home, keep in mind that barrel and other arched ceilings can be placed almost anywhere, regardless of the size or shape of the room. You just have to be a little creative.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about designer ceilings without mentioning the groin vault. This ceiling type can work in almost any application, but it makes the biggest impact when more than one vault is used. Who wants flat, boring ceilings? Not this designer couple; that’s for certain. (See groin vault pictures in the video below)

For more pictures and ideas, check out our photo gallery !

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