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Archways & Ceilings is OPEN for business → read more.
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Custom Ceiling: Cloister Vault Arched Ceiling

Whether you're building a new home or remodeling, it is always important to examine all the possibilities to help you finish your project on time, under budget and to maintain the highest level of quality. We have modeled our business around these key points and proudly offer our customers an opportunity to take their business to the next level by offering them our product line of arched ceilings. We prefabricate custom arched ceilings like groin vaults, dome ceilings, barrel vaults and cove ceilings. But that’s not all! We listen to our customers needs and make custom ceilings per the builders/remodelers request.

Just because we don’t have it listed on our website, doesn’t mean we don’t make it. For example, we recently had an opportunity to design and fabricate a cloister vault ceiling for a home in Oklahoma. The builder and home owner wanted to make a statement and also wanted a unique custom ceiling for the foyer of the home. So after several different design ideas, the home owner made his choice, a cloister vault. From here, we supplied them with detailed 2d & 3d cads of what the ceiling would look like in the home. This way they were able to visualize the ceiling and begin thinking about how they wanted to finish it out.

Behind the scenes, we are working diligently by manufacturing the arched ceiling (3-5 days) and by putting together detailed custom instructions to illustrate how the ceiling will piece together once it reaches the jobsite. We make every step of our process super simple, super easy.

Take a look at the cloister vault below! Imagine trying to frame that from scratch!

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