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Custom Prefabricated Wood Framing Kits- We can make it and We can ship it!

No order is too big or too small. Archways and Ceilings Made Easy custom makes each prefabricated archway and ceiling kit to the customers dimensions. It can be one arch or a hundred arches, we treat every order with priority and care. We enjoy every part of the process from the design, take-off, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. We pride ourselves to make each step easy and fast. >

Design: Many of our customers send us their plans in a PDF format and ask for suggestions. We then put together a variety of different options for the customer and attach pictures to each design option making it easy to see what works best where and what each customer likes best. If the customer still wants a clearer understanding of how an archway or ceiling is going to look in their home, we will send them either a 2D CAD, 3D CAD or a rendering to help paint a clearer picture of what the finished archway or ceiling will look like. Not too mention, Archways and Ceilings can turn these options around generally in a day or two.

Take-Off: The take-off of a set of plans for a home can be done 2 ways. 1st, we can do them for the customer by simply grabbing all the measurements off the plans and generate a quote. 2nd- the customer can do their own take-off and send the dimensions in via email, fax, phone call or through the website. That's right, I said website! Each customer has the ability to punch in their dimensions online and generate an instant quote. From there, customers can simply click place order.

Manufacturing: This part of the process is simple! With our patented bending techniques we are able to make each custom order within 5 business days. We guarantee that every product is made to the highest quality standards and care. >

Packaging: This is a 2 pronged approach. 1st- Each archway or arched ceiling is packaged with full color instructions and videos that can be found online to properly install each particular product. Not to mention drywall videos to help each customer finish their prefabricated archway or ceiling kit. 2nd- We carefully package each product in a box or a crate to make sure the product arrives safely to the jobsite. We have gone through great lengths to make sure the product is securely packaged, on time and organized properly.

Shipping: Depending on the size of the order we will ship our products through a carrier like FedEX or LTL. The benefits of using FedEX is each customer instantly receives tracking information when the product is picked up from our plant. This way, each customer has the ability to see in real time where their product is and when they shall receive it. For LTL's we snap pictures of the crate / packaging and send them to the customer via email. This way the customer knows that the product has been packaged and picked up for delivery.

So as you can see, we make it easy every step of the way! This is why we are Archways and Ceilings Made Easy.

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