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Curved Range Hood

custom-made-metal-range-hood-kit From design to finish, here's what you need to know when adding a curved range hood. I'll begin by quickly discussing the different curved range hood styles. Then I'll move on to discuss how to measure and design your curved range hood kit to fit your space. In the following section, I'll specifically address how to provide measurements when you've already purchased a vent liner. Once you have your measurements, I'll explain what you can expect once you've submitted your measurements, specifically approval drawings, production process, and lead times. Lastly, I'll share the most popular way to finish your curved range hood.

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Curved Range Hood Styles
Measuring & Designing Your Curved Range Hood
Custom Range Hood Cost
Building Your Curved Range Hood Around Your Vent Liner
Most Popular Vent Liners
Approval Drawings, Production, & Lead Times for Your Curved Range Hood
Installing a Curved Range Hood
How to Finish Your Curved Range Hood

Curved Range Hood Styles

We currently offer 9 range hood styles: Tuscan, Monroe, Bell-Curve, Bella, Craftsman, Arcadian, Ballast, Modern, and the Farmhouse. The Tuscan style is by far the most popular with a slight radius on the front and the sides. The Bell-Curve range hood style is equally impressive with an added flair of blending radii. The Craftsman is your traditional slanted range hood. The Arcadian and Ballast, are front only radius range hoods with the Arcadian having a concave radius front and the Ballast having a convex radius front. Lastly, the Farmhouse range hood is the slanted front only. We can also build almost any other curved range hood you can imagine. So, if you'd like to email us a sketch, we'd be happy to help you design and build you a one-of-a-kind custom range hood.Β 

9 custom range hood kits

Measuring and Designing Your Curved Range Hood

The depth, width, face height and total height will play a crucial role in the design of your curved range hood. All measurements are from outside-to-outside and do not include finishing materials. For example, be sure to allow enough room in between cabinets for finishing materials along the depth face.> dimension overview for curved range hood

Depth custom range hood depth The depth of a range hood is the distance it will extend out from the wall. Keep in mind this is the outside measurement. If you're working with a vent liner, then be sure to read that section below. The depth is limited to 12” - 42”. Enter your depth measurement in inches to the nearest 1/8” (.125). For example, if your curved range hood depth is 2’-0 5/8”, you would enter 24.625 in. If you're outside our depth range, we ask that you'd call us to discuss.

Width custom range hood width The width of a range hood is the distance across the bottom front face. Keep in mind this is the outside measurement. If you're working with a vent liner, then be sure to read that section below. The width is limited to 24” - 94”. Enter your width measurement in inches to the nearest 1/8” (.125). For example, if your range hood is 3’-8 7/8” wide, you would enter 44.875 in. If you're outside our width range, you'll need to call us to discuss.

Face Height range hood face height The face height of a range hood is the elevation from the bottom of the base to where the style curvature begins. The face height is the typical area that most builders choose to trim out and get creative. A minimum of 6” is required. Enter your face height measurement in inches to the nearest 1/8” (.125). For example, if your face height is 0’-10 7/8” tall, you would enter 10.875 in. If you're outside our face height range, you'll need to call us to discuss.

Total Height range hood total height The total height is the distance from the top to the bottom of the entire range hood. It's better to be shorter than taller, as you can always fur down. The total height is limited to 24” - 72”. Enter your total height measurement in inches to the nearest 1/8” (.125). For example, if your range hood is 4’-10 1/8” tall, you would enter 58.125 in. If you're outside our total height range, you'll need to call us to discuss.

Custom Range Hood Cost

We're transparent when it comes to cost. We don't ask that you call us or enter in information online and then wait to receive a quote. We proudly display our pricing for all our products. To get an instant quote or place an order, visit our custom range hoods page and enter your measurements. When shopping online you can find several stores that will sell curved range hoods, but the price is significantly more and you're unable to customize the measurements to meet your specific needs. Neither do you have the freedom to mix and match different finishing materials (trim, drywall, tile, metal sheeting). We understand that we're simply providing the frame and not a finished product, but we believe that once you put pencil to paper along with the added benefits of customizing to your needs, that you'll not only save money, but you'll get the custom range hood you want. Our canvas can be your masterpiece.

Price your Curved Range Hood

Once we put your custom range hood into production, it normally takes us 5 - 10 business days (in most cases sooner) to fabricate the parts and then package it for UPS Ground shipment. Your range hood frame will be CNC'd out of 23/32 plywood while the curve components will be bent and made out of MDF.

Building a Curved Range Hood Around Your Vent Liner

inside dimensions range hood When you've already bought a vent liner, the depth (D), width (W), and occasionally the face height (FH) need to be taken into consideration to ensure a good fit. Since our measurements are from outside-to-outside, we need to work from inside out. For example, let's say you bought the M40PSLD from Vent A Hood ( vent liner specifications link ). The vent liner width is 40 3/8", the vent liner depth is 22 1/2" and the vent liner height is 12 1/2". When looking at the inside dimension range hood picture note that the range hood depth is 2 1/4" less, the width is 3" less and the face height is 1 1/2" less from the outside. Also, if we're going to make your custom range hood fit your liner, we highly recommend adding a 1/16" of a inch all the way around or an 1/8" to both the depth and width to ensure a good fit. Let's take our vent liner dimensions and complete the following:

- Range Hood Depth = Vent Liner Depth + 2.375

- Range Hood Width = Vent Liner Width + 3.125

Now the face height can be tricky, in this example the vent liner slopes up, thus clearing the 8" minimum face height we require. This isn't something you can easily calculate. Therefore, always send us your vent liner plans, and we'll be sure to include the vent liner in your approval drawings. In wrapping up the above example, we'd quote or order a custom range hood that has a 24.875 in. depth, a 43.500 in. width, and a face height of 8.000 in. Another option is to order the custom range hood larger than needed and then fur in to your vent liner.

Most Popular Vent Liners We See Our Customers Use

The Zephyr Monsoon 2 is the most popular vent our customers use. There are a few different width sizes in this model. If you like it, pick the one the size that fits your range the best, and we'll customize your range hood to fit the vent.

Broan is a large and well known company in this field, and we've made a lot of curved range hoods for their vents. There are close to a dozen inserts with a variety of sizes and options.

Vent A Hood
Vent A Hood has 6 popular vents that we see ordered quite often, each with different sizes to choose from.

Approval Drawings, Production, & Lead Time for Your Curved Range Hood

Once you've placed your order, we send your order to our design department. Within a few business day, we'll email you approval drawings. If you like what you see, we'll put your range hood into production. If you don't, then we'll make the revisions and resend you revised approval drawings. We understand that numbers on a piece of paper don't always paint the clearest picture, and this is why we want to confirm that we've captured your vision.

Once you sign off on your approval drawings, we put your curved range hood into production. Our design department then breaks down the components and preps them for both the CNC and arch making. The frame will be tool pathed and then sent to our CNC router while the arches will be sent to arch making. Once these are complete, your curved range hood is dry fit to ensure a snug fit and then packaged for shipment. Depending upon your style, your custom range hood can take anywhere from 5 - 10 business days build (in most cases sooner). Then allow a few days for shipping.

Installing a Curved Range Hood

When it comes to installation... think color by numbers easy. Below you'll find a video of us installing a bell curve range hood along with a link to PDF installation instructions.

Curved Range Hood PDF Installation Instructions

How to Finish a Curved Range Hood

curved range hood with trim and drywall The most popular approach is to trim out the front face and then drywall the top arched portion. However, since we give you the frame, you can also choose to tile or metal to finish as your range hood. Your imagination is your only limitation. To get your creativity going, here's a link to our photo gallery.

Curved Range Hood Photo Gallery

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