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Creative Fireplace Remodel Ideas Using A Custom Fireplace Canopy Hood

Creative Fireplace Remodel Ideas Using A Custom Fireplace Canopy Hood

A fireplace is really the heart(h) of the home. It can also be a striking feature in your living room, whether you choose a simple or an elaborate design. 

Giving your fireplace a facelift is a great way to update a room, without remodeling the entire space - saving you time and money. 

When it comes to fireplace makeovers on a budget, you could choose a ready-made design to go above your fireplace. Or, you could opt for a custom-made design to suit your style better and make your home one-of-a-kind. 

Give Your Fireplace A Makeover With These Custom Fireplace Canopy Hood Ideas

If you’re thinking of remodeling your living room and you’re lucky enough to have an existing fireplace, this is a great way to elevate the design of the room. Remodeling a fireplace canopy hood is a budget-friendly way to remodel the fireplace, without having to demolish and rebuild the entire thing. 

If you’re thinking of changing up the fireplace hood, but have no idea where to start, here are a few fireplace remodel ideas to get you started.

The Tuscan Canopy Hood

If your home has a more rustic style, or perhaps it’s a villa-style home, this is definitely the hood to go for your fireplace remodel. It’s a classic style canopy hood that can elevate not only the fireplace but the entire living room. 

One great thing is you can buy these as ready-made kits that you can either install yourself or have someone assist you with the installation. The design is already taken care of, all you would need are the measurements - making everything so much easier!

This design makes use of concave lines that curve inward and upward from your fireplace borders. It creates a seamless flow and feeling of movement above your fireplace - resulting in a classic, timeless design.

The Tuscan Canopy Hood

The Bell Curve Canopy Hood

As the name suggests, this style of canopy hood is shaped like a bell curve. It’s a very popular design and is very versatile - suiting many styles of homes. If the rest of the room is very straight-edged and one-dimensional, this is a great design to add some dimension and curve to the wall and, ultimately, the entire room.

Again, because it’s a design that already exists, it can save you so much time and money with design costs. All you need are your fireplace measurements and you’re all set! 

This design is similar to the Tuscan canopy hood but the lines are convex toward the fireplace. They create a bell-like shape with curved lines. Bell curve canopy hoods are also classic designs that will suit any style of home. 

The Bell Curve Canopy Hood

Small, Rounded Canopy Hoods

Because canopy hoods can be built into drywall, they can blend seamlessly into the wall. A rounded canopy hood is a very creative and modern style hood, which lends itself to the clean lines of a modern home. These also work well in smaller spaces, like a small office or a smaller living room.

For example, you could create a rounded protrusion coming out of the wall above your fireplace. Round designs are more unique and perfect for a contemporary-style home.

Custom Fireplace Canopy- Small, Rounded Canopy Hoods

Fireplace Mantle Design

So you’ve decided on the style of canopy hood for your fireplace. What about the rest of the mantle? You could keep it very simple and modern and go without a ledge. This keeps the style of the fireplace simple and clear of clutter. This is also great if you decide to build around the canopy hood, perhaps by adding a brick or tile frame around it. 

If you decide to go with a more traditional-looking fireplace, you could have a ledge made to suit the canopy hood. It could be a traditional ledge, or you could get a bit more creative with the frame, size, and style. 

Fireplace Remodel Ideas - Choosing The Perfect Finish 


Adding finishing touches to your home is such a diverse and creative task, so the sky really is the limit. The first place to start is usually with paint. 

You could choose to finish your fireplace canopy hood with a paint color of your choice - keeping it plain and simple. This also allows you to blend the canopy hood into the wall, creating a smoother finish.

Tiles and Stones

You could get more creative and think about adding tiles or natural stones. If your home is slightly more on the rustic side, a stone finish could elevate the design and take the whole fireplace design to a new level. 

Tiles come in endless styles, colors, finishes, and patterns. The options are endless. Choosing a tile pattern suited to your home can add another dimension to the fireplace design and make it more visually interesting.


If you’d like a more natural style to the fireplace, you could choose to finish the fireplace hood with wooden paneling. This is a great way to add a modern but natural finish to the fireplace and also to the room.


Now if you’d really like to get creative and think out the box, a metal finish is a very cool idea. This works well in an industrial-style home and especially if you have exposed brick on the wall of the fireplace.

Final Thoughts On Custom Fireplace Remodel Ideas

A fireplace is a part of your home to highlight. Whether you live in a Brooklyn Brownstone and want a traditional looking fireplace, or in a modern family home in the suburbs, your fireplace really is a notable feature in your home. 

There are so many ways to change up your current fireplace. From remodeling the canopy hood to changing up the finish of the hood itself and adding some new touches to the fireplace mantel, there are several ways you can do fireplace makeovers on a budget.  

Customizing your fireplace design is a great project you could do yourself or have a professional take care of it for you. If you need some more inspiration, check out our Fireplace Canopy Hood Featured Project , complete with a video walkthrough on how these projects come together!

Start Designing Your Fireplace Canopy Hood

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