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Groin Vault Ceiling Comics with ACE

Check out the newest member of Archways & Ceilings!

Comic: How To Frame A Groin Vault Ceiling with ACE

ACE makes his comic debut in The Curve Appeal called, "How to frame a groin vault ceiling!" A little bit about ACE (Archways & Ceilings Expert): ACE is a happy go lucky framer that will help educate and share the lighter side of framing arched ceilings through his wild and crazy antics. > How to Frame a Groin Vault Comic

 "Groin Gate" Comic

Our newest employee is taking a lot of heat! They are calling it, "GroinGate! > Groin Gate With ACE Comic

"Check Out My Groin!"

Check out our groin vault ceilings! See that wasn't so bad...but our newest member ACE does not get off so lucky. Take a look! > Check out my groin comic

All About Groin Vaults

To see more pictures of our groin vault ceilings check out our groin vault photo gallery .

Curious about groin vault construction? We've got a great guide on how simple the groin vault construction is!

Ready to order a groin vault kit for your remodeling project? We've got you covered with our prefabricated groin vault ceiling kit !

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