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Ceiling Remodeling: A Groin Vault

Looking to give your home an update or a new look? Well look no further. One of the most affordable ways to give your home an architectural update without breaking the bank is to use a Ceiling Kit from Archways and Ceilings . One advantage in using our customized ceiling kits (i.e. Groin Vaults, Barrel Vaults, Domes and Cove Ceilings) is that they can be easily installed under the current ceiling without having to rip out the current drywall. The hardest part is figuring which ceiling to go with. > Dining room groin vault with drywall

For example, we had a customer out in Keller, Texas do just that. This young couple recently bought a 20 year old home which had many flat & boring ceilings. They were looking to add a little flare to their dining room without having to spend a lot to achieve it. They went on-line and began looking for different types of ceilings or decorative ideas when they found Archways & Ceilings on the Web. One of the homeowners mentioned a light came on above their head and they instantly found what they were looking for. They fell in love with a Groin Vault .

With a few clicks of the mouse they were able to find pictures and a price for their groin vault remodel right there on our website. They then took the next step and ordered and Archways & Ceilings shipped them the groin vault along with several other archways  they also ordered to help update the square openings in their home.

The ceiling remodel for the Groin Vault broken down into 5 simple steps:

Step #1 - Framing the Groin Vault

The customers framed a cross brace out of 2x6’s and secured it to the original drywalled ceiling. As we previously mentioned, one of the greatest benefits to our prefabricated ceiling kits is that they can be installed directly on an already drywalled celling. 

Framing the Groin Vault

Step #2 - Groin Vault Assembly & Installation

They assembled the groin vault by attaching it to the cross brace. The Groin Vault comes with a colorful detailed instruction page along with a CAD to help beginners as well as veterans install the groin vault.

Groin Vault Assembly & Installation

Step #3 - Admire Your Hard Work

After framing and installing the Groin Vault, take a step back and admire the hard work you've just finished.
Admire your hard work after installing a groin vault.

Step #4 - Drywall the Groin Vault Ceiling

Now that the bones of the new groin vault ceiling are complete, it's time to start drywalling. You don't need to bring in professionals for this, but it could make your life easier. In this case, the couple decided to hire a local drywall company who drywalled the groin vault with ½” thick drywall.

Adding drywall to a groin vault.

Step #5 - Finishing the Groin Vault

Once you're done with drywall it's time to finish the ceiling. The local drywall company taped & mudded the groin vault ceiling and later applied a texture to the ceiling.

Finish the groin vault ceiling with texture and paint.

That’s it! All they need to do now is agree on what color of paint they plan on using. Now that can be the hardest part of the whole project. .

Watch the whole ceiling remodel including the archways here:

. And if you want to see the entire house remodel, we have a video of that, too!  Watch from start to finish on how we changed boring squared openings into beautiful curved Archways. Not to mention the beautiful architectural detail added in the dining room! Yep a Groin Vault ceiling will always deliver the "Wow" factor to any home!

If you're looking for more information on groin vaults, check out this article which goes into more detail on the simplicity of the construction process

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