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Ceiling Ideas for Basements

ceiling-ideas-for-basements Basements are tricky as they either have low ceiling heights and/or they contain the guts of the home (ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring) limiting what you can and can't do. The question most builders and remodelers face is how do you make it a functional living space. Here's a few good ceiling ideas for basements, which not only look good, but offer ways to hide the ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring.

4 Ceiling Ideas for Basements

  1. Cove Ceilings: The coved ceiling utilizes concave (or convex) molding along the edges, providing a smooth transition between ceiling and wall. You can hide the plumbing and wiring behind the coving, while getting an elegant look in the basement.
  1. Astroid Curve: This type of ceiling utilizes a series of curves to form an intricate design. It is highly decorative, so it adds a strong visual element. As most ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring is contained along the ceilings next to the walls, you can create an exterior soffit around the perimeter of the wall and then install an astroid curve ceiling in the center. When done, you'd never know that the pesky electrical wiring or plumbing pipe was there.
  1. Barrel Vault: Barrel Vaults don't have to be half-circle. This is a common misconception. When working with basements, you can have a slight rise, which looks elegant, and can be ideal for hiding ductwork, plumbing, or electrical wires. You can also create an exterior soffit around the perimeter and install the barrel in the center, which gives you more options to hide the tubing and wires you don't want showing.
  1. Radius Ceiling: This ceiling is similar to astroid curve ceilings. You can add a circular ceiling with a light ring. Or maybe your room is rectangular and an oval ceiling would look better. You can limit the drop of ceiling to keep your ceiling height as tall as possible.

ceiling-ideas-for-basements-01 When looking for ceiling ideas for basements, the goals should be keeping unsightly installations out of view all while making the space feel as natural and livable as possible.

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