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Ceiling Design for a House

Pinterest is an amazing resource for home owners and designers, but do you know what you’re going to pin to your “Ceiling Design for House” board?

If you take a quick look around Pinterest, you’ll get a flavor for just about everyone’s dream home. Custom cabinets, oak wine cellars and cozy media rooms are everywhere you look. But did you know that you can tell the difference between someone who is just dreaming and someone who is ready to buy simply based on their boards? Well, this little trick usually works. When someone is dreaming of a dream home, they create broad-scale boards with different home styles and rooms that they happen to like. But when someone is ready to buy, they get very specific. You might find boards labeled “Countertops: upstairs kitchen” or “ Ceiling design for house .” At this point, it’s all about pinning ideas and narrowing things down.

Feeling inspired to pin a few pics to your own “Ceiling design for house” board? Boy, have you come to the right place.

Ceilings don’t have to be drywalled to be stunners. Just check out this spectacular hallway in all its curvaceous glory. Caption for this one: Three groin vaults make a show-stopping entry.

Now, this next pic could just as easily be pinned to an interior design board, but since we’re talking about ceiling design for a house, let’s take a look up. Can you see the very subtle curves around the edges of this ceiling? That’s a cove ceiling, and it adds just the right amount of elegance to this room.

If your home is your castle, the ceiling design for your house, should fall in line with the theme. And we can’t imagine a better ceiling for a medieval palace than this high dome with exposed beams.

This next image proves that every home can benefit from a little style added to the ceiling. High above this otherwise ordinary living room you’ll find a detailed architectural element that changes the feel of the entire space.

Some of the best fairytales took place in in dark, medieval castles. There’s romance, intrigue and mystery. And isn’t that exactly what comes to mind when you see the groin vault above this bedroom? The low groin vault and the dark colors really give this bedroom an authentic look.

A bold arch offsets the curves of two igloo arches to create a modern look. By now, you’re probably beginning to realize that your “Ceiling design for house” board is going to be lengthy. That’s okay, though. The important part is that you take a look at all your options so you can narrow down the ceilings you want in your own home. They may be flat, curved, tiled or angled, but they will be your own.

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