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Say Goodbye to Stale Bedroom Designs – Forever

Boring bedroom designs are about to be a thing of the past

Are you tired of stale looking bedroom designs? Somewhere along the lines, it seems as though builders decided to leave all the fun stuff to the interior decorator, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your home. Let your builder have some fun too. Check out these bedroom designs for some inspiration.

It can be as simple as a barrel vault

The barrel vault is about as simple as vaulted ceilings get, but because so many bedroom designs rely on straight sides, even the simplest change will help your room stand apart from the rest. Check out this barrel vault that was recently installed by Collin Bryan Signature Homes. It doesn’t necessarily draw attention away from the rest of the room, but it does add some much needed character. You’ll notice that the vault isn’t taking up the entire ceiling. This was done on purpose to create the feel of a domed ceiling in a larger space (hence the use of a barrel vault).

Double up on a cove to add depth

If your bedroom designs have lost their oomph, here’s one surefire way to add it back. Take a cue from Veranda Homes recent plan and double up on cove ceilings. In this case, two coves are twice as nice. The recessed lighting also adds to the depth of the room. This home may have standard ceiling heights by design, but these coves give the bedroom some much needed depth.

groin vault

Add a groin vault for a more gothic feel

As you can see from this design, it’s not just barrel vaults and coves that will give your bedroom designs character. This groin vault, artfully installed by Braswell Homes puts emphasis on the area above the bed, dividing the room into two distinct areas. This is a great effect to implement when you’re working with a large space, such as a master bedroom. If the room were small, this particular vault may make it seem too cramped. With such a large groin vault, there isn’t much else you need to do to give your room a regal appeal. If your home is your castle, you may want to consider at least one groin vault in your bedroom designs.

When it comes to home design, kitchens and bathrooms often get the most attention, but there’s no reason you need to neglect the bedroom. So, if you want to make your master bedrooms, well, masterful, think about adding some curves to your bedroom designs. Our prefabricated kits make it easy and affordable for you to incorporate barrel vaults, groin vaults and cove ceilings into any of your bedroom designs. 

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