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Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Add Interest and Value to Your Home

Before your bathroom remodeling plans are set in stone, look up!

You’ve probably heard the old saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Well, there is some truth to this one – especially when you’re in the high-end market. Buyers are looking for bathrooms unlike any they’ve ever seen. We’re talking about some legitimately awe-inspiring stuff here.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning a bathroom remodel. You have tubs, sinks and tile to pick out in addition to figuring out where everything will go. But, there’s one thing that people often overlook. They’re too busy looking down that they miss the one area that can add value and interest to the room: the ceiling!

When most people start bathroom remodeling projects for a luxury home, they immediately start picking out the most expensive fixtures they can find. And although style and quality are important factors in the overall look and feel of the room, they aren’t everything. So, don’t be like most people. In order to make your bathroom stand out from the rest, look beyond what can be found in the kitchen and bath showrooms. Specifically, take a good hard look at that space above the bathtub. It’s just crying out for some character. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your next bathroom remodeling project.

Barrel Vaulted Bathtub Alcove

Were you thinking of just sitting that bathtub against an ordinary wall? Well, thank goodness you’ve found us. The barrel vault shown below was installed by one of our skilled builders, and it should offer some inspiration. This design works especially well for those bathroom remodeling projects that are short on space. Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous. Here, the bathtub was recessed into the wall in its very own little alcove, which was accented with recessed lighting, custom artwork and mosaic tile.

Barrel Vaulted Ceiling

Barrel vaults don’t have to be small or accent just one spot in the room. Whether the room is large or small, a barrel vaulted ceiling will really open up the space, making seem lighter and feel more spacious. Just see what it does for this room.

Domed Ceiling

When your bathroom remodeling project calls for something grandiose, maybe you’ll want to consider a dome ceiling with tiled pillars. This is another example of the level of work that can be done by one of our skilled builders. And it’s definitely not something you’ll see in every home.

Groin Vaulted Ceiling

Just because your bathroom remodeling plans call for something extraordinary doesn’t mean that it can’t be subtle. This groin vault, which is again strategically placed over the tub, is subtle yet extremely elegant. You can see how it creates a sense of privacy, as if the bathtub is sitting in its very own private oasis.

Now that you’ve reviewed a few ideas, you’re probably bursting with bathroom remodeling ideas for your home. It’s okay to want the best of the best in tile and fixtures, but I think you’ll agree that the remodel doesn’t have to end there. Broaden your horizons to include unique ceiling designs and transform your home into the neighborhood’s most sought-after investment. 

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