Our Prefabricated Ceiling Kits

Decorative ceilings are now within reach!  Our prefabricated ceiling kits are not only easy on your budget, they are also easy to install and easy to order. Create the room of your client’s dreams without worrying about overspending or having to settle for anything that is less than the best.  Simply place your order and we will build your ceiling kit to your exact specifications (within 1/8”).  Instead of paying a carpenter countless hours crafting on-site, cut his time to a tenth of what it would’ve taken him with the added bonus of a quality that cannot be matched in the field.  When you’re ready for drywall rest easy, because the benefits of our perfect curves get even better.  They don’t need a ton of mud or a boatload of elbow grease to make them look amazing.

Shop our decorative ceiling styles below to find the perfect fit for your space.  Once you’ve found it, click to visit the page, enter your specific dimensions, and you’ll get an instant quote.  Hold onto your hat, though.  We warned you that it would be affordable, but you’re probably not expecting it to be this affordable!  If you don’t see the exact ceiling kit you had in mind just let us know.  We can work with you to build a prefabricated ceiling kit for almost anything you can dream up.

Choose Your Design

  • Groin Vaults

    When two barrel vaults intersect at right angles and at the same height, you get what is known as a groin vault.  The groin vault is also known as a double barrel vault or a cross vault.  This ceiling is by far one of our most popular ceiling kits as the four curved surfaces draw the eye up to the center.  Where the barrels intersect, ribs are created that add both strength and visual appeal.  With the ability to be framed up into your attic or down below your joists, the groin vault has limitless potential to create your “WOW” factor.

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  • Dome Ceilings

    Dome ceilings, or “Jaw Droppers” as we like to call them due to their side effect, have a circular profile in your ceiling.  Plainly put, a dome ceiling is a hollow upper half of a sphere.  This doesn’t mean that the style needs to be half circular as you have the ability to customize your dome ceiling by choosing between a soft, half-circle or an elliptical rise.  You also have the option to add secondary inner ring, which we call a light ring.  Think of this as a ledge along the inside circumference of your dome ceiling where you can add secondary lighting, such as LED strip lights or rope lights.  If you’re looking for something that will grab the attention of homeowners, then a dome ceiling is a great start.

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  • Barrel Vaults

    Barrel vaults create a tunnel-like atmosphere with an unbroken series of arches that are melded together to create a smooth yet impactful ceiling surface.  While it’s a common misconception that all barrel vaults are half-circular in shape, or what we call style, we offer several different barrel ceiling styles that can be tailored to your specifications.  So, you can choose the style that best suits your application, whether it’s soft, half-circle, elliptical, bell curve, tudor, or gothic.

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  • Cove Ceilings

    To understand the cove ceiling, look up at the corners of your room and imagine they were replaced with curves.  Cove ceilings soften the edges around your walls and ceilings and create a more seamless transition, giving your room a more graceful and elegant appearance.  Many of our homebuilders and contractors opt for a cove ceiling in place of crown molding as it adds more interest to the room than the everyday, run-of-the-mill crown molding.  Cove ceilings are also a great way to add flair to tray ceilings.

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  • Oval Ceiling Domes

    Where dome ceilings have a circular profile and elongated dome ceilings have an athletic track profile, oval dome ceilings have an elliptical, or more commonly known as an oval shaped profile.  With all the bells and whistles of a round dome ceiling, the oval profile elevates this type of dome ceiling with a super-enhanced “WOW” factor.  Ready for the best part?  We designed oval dome ceilings to be easy enough for DIYers to install.  Plus, they’re all made to your measurements at production prices.

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  • Elongated Dome Ceilings

    An elongated dome ceiling is a circular dome ceiling that has been halved, pulled apart, and then reconnected with a barrel ceiling in the center.  The profile in the ceiling resembles that of a racetrack where the 2 half-circle ends connect with the straight legs.  It’s not too often that you have a perfectly square or nearly square space.  Rectangular entryways are a great example where an elongated dome ceiling would better utilize the space as opposed to a circular dome ceiling which might give off the illusion that it’s off center.

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  • Astroid Curve Ceilings

    Astroid ceilings, also known as ceiling etching, is named after a specific mathematical curve that is best explained by thinking of super-ellipses or starburst.  Modern in design, astroid ceilings can provide the subtle elegant feel to a home where a coffered ceiling just doesn’t fit the bill.  Choose from our three different astroid ceiling styles: Alpha, Athena, and Omega.

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  • Cloister Vaults

    Cloister vaults, also known as dome vaults, are a close cousin to the groin vault.  Where the groin vault arches towards the center from the corners of the walls, the cloister vault arches toward the center from a constant spring point along the wall.  This slight difference makes a huge impact on the overall design.  If you were to compare a groin vault shape to an umbrella, a cloister vault would resemble a pope’s hat.

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  • Grome Ceilings

    The grome ceiling is a creation all our own.  It comes as a result of playing with the subtle curves and arches that we create every day.  A grome ceiling is a combination of 1 GRoin vault with 2 dOME ceilings.  While we agree that the name grome lacks originality, the design sure doesn’t.  It’s the best of both worlds if you’re a fan of both groin vaults and dome ceilings.  Plus, it’s a very unique look that is bound to be a conversation starter.

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  • Igloo Ceilings

    The igloo ceiling is similar in design to the groin vault, but it has one distinct difference.  The groin vault is made by intersecting two barrel vaults at the same height, while igloo ceilings intersect barrel vaults, or archways, at different heights.  In other words, an igloo ceiling uses two or more different intersecting heights while a groin vault intersects at the same height.  It sounds small in theory, but in practice, it makes a vast difference.

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  • Radius Ceilings

    If you’re looking to create a circular soffit, an oval soffit, a donut, or if you’re simply wanting to round the corners of a tray ceiling, then look no further.  Radius ceilings are an easy way to quickly add flair to flat, boring ceilings.  While they might be simple in design, they are mighty in curve appeal impact.  Browse through the several radius ceilings styles we have available.

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  • Custom Ceilings

    Are you thinking outside the box? Do you have something unique in mind, something unlike anyone has ever seen? Try us. It’s not very often that we say no. Simply give us a call and we’ll help you create a unique masterpiece that is affordable and easy to install.

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