Our Prefabricated Archway Kits

We make archways easy: Easy to order, easy to install, and easy on your budget.  Rest assured that seeing out-of-round or crooked arches on your jobsite will be a thing of the past.  Instead, you’ll have perfect, pre-fabricated arches built to your exact specifications (within 1/8”).  Along with being easy to order, easy to install and easy on your budget; our archways will save your carpenter a ton of time.  What would normally take a skilled carpenter about 20 to 30 minutes to build on-site will now take them less than 2 minutes to install.  Plus, drywallers love us.  Why?  Because our archways provide a solid backing that readily accepts drywall.  A perfect form that doesn’t need a magic wand – or a ton of mud – to make it look like it should.

Browse our many archway styles below.  Once you’ve found the arch kit you want, simply visit that specific archway page and enter your dimensions to get an instant quote.  Be forewarned, we told you that we would be easy on your budget.  So be ready to smile.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, call us and let us know. Chances are good that we build a prefabricated arch kit for anything you can imagine.

Choose Your Design

  • Soft Segmented Arch

    Soft segmented arches, also known as eyebrow or flat arches, are our most popular archway style for two reasons.  First, they look good!  They offer a gentle curve that softens a transition from one room to another.  Secondly, soft arches give you the flexibility to specify your rise, which allows them to work with almost any size opening and still look good.

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  • Half-Circle Arch

    Half-circle arches, as the name implies, are half of a circle.  As you can imagine, half circles offer a pretty dramatic curve to any opening.  If you’re looking for that Spanish / Tuscan feel, then look no further, you’ve found it.  Keep in mind, though, that half-circle archways work best in smaller openings as the rise is half the width.  If you have a large opening, it might be best to go with an elliptical arch, as the rise of a half-circle arch may be unrealistic.  Plus, elliptical arches blend well with half-circle arches.

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  • Elliptical Arch

    Elliptical arches are unique in that the radius changes from the center to the sides.  In the center, this style of arch has a much gentler curve, but things really get interesting when you gaze towards the sides of an elliptical arch.  The radius actually gets tighter.  Some tend to think that the design resembles a basket handle.  Because of its unique design, elliptical arches are often associated with bringing an elegant feel to a home.  

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  • Corbel Arch

    Corbel arches, also known as corbelled, are a fast becoming customer favorite.  As a decorative element that appears to be supporting the opening, they also work well with most openings and only drop 1 foot in the corners.

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  • Shoulder Flat Arch

    Shoulder flat arches are a simple yet elegant rounding of the corners of an opening. This style of arch offers a lot of flexibility when you either have lower header heights or the opening is extremely large. Where the rise requirements of other arch styles would be impractical, the shoulder flat arch lets you simply round the corners.

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  • Gothic Arch

    Gothic arches, also known as pointed arches, are reminiscent of the European medieval period.  Most notably, gothic arches are abundant in the cathedrals, castles, and palaces in Europe.  While the gothic arch is not as prevalent in the United States, when used, they will provide a feeling of grandeur, strength, and height.

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  • Tudor Arch

    Tudor arches are also known as four-centered arches, and seem as if they cross blend the characteristics of an elliptical and gothic archway.  Like the elliptical arch, the tudor arch has a gentle radius in the center with a tighter radius on the sides.  Yet, when the characteristics of the gothic arch are cross blended with the elliptical arch, the center pointed apex gives the tudor arch its unique look.

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  • Bell Curve Arch

    Bell curve arches, as their name implies, resemble the outline of a bell curve, or the mathematical distribution within a given range.  This style of arch is a close cousin to the elliptical arch with one distinctive difference: they have the same gentle curve in the center, but the tighter radius at the sides flair down instead of up.

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  • Window Arch

    Window arches solve the problem of poorly insulated and uneven drywall reveals around arched top windows.  Our window arches can be ordered to form fit your arched top windows, thereby allowing for easy insulation and a perfect drywall reveal along the curve of your eyebrow or half-circle windows.

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  • Custom Arch

    Custom arches are any unique shape or arched design you can imagine. So, if you can’t find the arch style you’ve got in mind, don’t be disappointed. With your guidance and direction, we can design and build almost any custom arch kit you have in mind.

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