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Vaulted Ceilings Are Easy with Our Pre-Fabricated Ceiling Systems

Enter a room with a curved ceiling and you know that the builder took great care in planning and building the home. Sure, he or she could have just slapped up some ordinary, also known as boring, straight-sided ceilings, but not in this house. No, this house is a cut about the rest: this house has vaulted ceilings.

If you want people’s jaws to drop when they enter one of your homes, there’s no mistaking it - you need vaulted ceilings. Instead of spending more time (and charging for extra labor) to get the job done right, go with one of our pre-fabricated ceiling systems. You’ll be glad you did! We build each of our ceiling systems to our customers’ exact specs, so you won’t have to worry about doing any of the “heavy lifting.” When your kit is delivered, all you’ll have to do is install it in its designated area.

Choosing your Vaulted Ceiling Systems

The process of selecting, ordering and installing your ceiling systems is very simple, but you do have some options. You can choose from four different vaulted ceiling styles to find the one that is perfect for your project. Below is a brief description of each. For a more detailed description or to get a quote, click on the image of the vaulted ceilings that have caught your interest.

Barrel Vaults – The barrel vault is extremely simple in design, but it can make a huge impact in any room. These vaulted ceilings are usually used in hallways and large rooms because they create the illusion of being in a tunnel, transforming an otherwise ordinary home into a medieval masterpiece or a Tuscan villa, depending on the rest of the design and décor.

Groin Vaults – Our groin vault ceiling systems consist of two barrel vaults that intersect at right angles. They’re a bit more complex in design than a standard barrel vault, but they also produce a more elaborate look. If you’re looking to create a stately Romanesque feel to your home, you definitely want to consider our groin vault ceiling systems. You’ll never look at vaulted ceilings the same way.

Dome Ceilings – These dome ceiling systems are made up of the most dramatic curves. Think of them as the upper half of a hollow sphere. Although domes are generally made with severe curves, you can soften the angles to your liking. Domes usually take up only a small portion of a standard ceiling, creating a touch of extravagance to an otherwise ordinary straight-sided room.

Cove Ceilings – If you just can’t stand the thought of having 90 degree angles between your ceiling and walls, you need our cove ceiling systems. They can be used in conjunction with crown molding to draw attention to the curve, or you can just subtly blend your walls into your ceiling without any hard edges. The choice is yours.

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