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Our Pre-Fabricated Archways Simplify Arch Building

Here at Archways & Ceilings Made Easy, we do one thing and do it well: we make archways easy. Why? Because arch building doesn't have to be difficult (of course!) Our archways are easy to order, easy to install and they're easy on your budget. You don't have to be an arch building pro to install these archways. And just because our prefab kits are easy doesn't mean you have to make sacrifices over doing your own arch building. Actually, you will be sacrificing a few things: time, money and some unnecessary labor. OK, so now that we have scrapped arch building from scratch, let's talk about our prefab archways. We can build any arch you need to your exact specifications (within 1/4"), and once it's installed, no one will ever know it was pre-fabricated. It'll be our little secret. So feel free to browse our selection of archways. We're convinced that once you get to know our curves a little better, you'll be hooked!

Choosing the Best Arch Style for your Arch Building Project

Soft Archways - When you just need a subtle curve, consider our soft arches. They're also known as eyebrow or segmented arches because their shape resembles a segment of a circle. The soft style is by far the most popular. Over 90% of our customers prefer this style over the others.

Half-Circle Archways - As the name implies, Half-Circle arches are half of a circle. This beautiful rounded look is reminiscient of Mediteranean architecture and is often described as providing a warm and cozy feel to a home.

Elliptical Archways - Elliptical arches are kind of like a combination of the soft and half circle arches. They're subtle in the middle and have a more extreme curve in the corners. This arch style is quickly growing in popularity due to its unique and grandiose look.

Having trouble figuring out which arch style to choose? Answer these 3 questions:

  1. What arch style fits me best?

    If you want consistency, then take a look at your arch-top windows. Are they soft, half-circle or elliptical? Your interior archways should always follow suit.

  2. Can I have several different styles of archways in my home?

    Yes! Many contractors and designers will vary arches within a home. A common combination is the half-circle with elliptical arches. The two not only blend well, but they also allow you to span greater opening widths without encroaching too far down the stud.

  3. What is the header height of the opening you are looking to arch?

    An arch building rule of thumb is that the lowest point your archways should contact the stud and should be no lower than 6'-8'. Soft arches drop the least, followed by elliptical. The archways with the biggest drops are half-circles.

Not sure if what you have in mind will look good? Maybe a 3D custom rendering will help you make your decision. It's only $34.95! Just supply us with the specs or a snippet of the floor plan and we will get you a fresh look.

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