The Maker

Russell Scott l The Maker l ACE l Archways & Ceilings

Russ, the maker, makes complexity simply simple.  As chief designer and operations manager, he makes your hard-to-build stuff into a simple paint-by-number kit.  His ingenuity in design, accompanied with his pragmatic approach to operations, keeps Archways & Ceilings centered.  If you ever wondered who made our “Made Easy” claim a reality, it would be him.  His love for automation and his passion for continual improvement has reclassified our manufacturing methods as state-of-the-art.  Never content, he’s always looking for a better, efficient, and cost saving way to advance Archways & Ceilings.

Favorite Beer:  Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Favorite Movie:  The Prestige
Favorite Song:  Journey by Michael Montes
Favorite Book:  How the Mind Works

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