Igloo Ceilings

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Igloo ceilings, or lunette vaults, are two or more intersecting barrel ceilings or archways at different heights.  Where a groin vault is an intersection of barrel ceilings at the same height, a lunette vault intersects at different heights.  This ceiling is most commonly utilized when you want a barrel vault, but you have an obstruction such as a window or doorway that would normally disqualify this ceiling as an option.  With the help of an lunette vault, you can add an intersecting archway or barrel over a door or window, giving you the height you need.

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Customer Testimonials

“Archways & Ceilings is a great company to have as a resource.  We know that when we take on projects that require a variety of arched ceilings, we can count on them to come through.  We recently completed a project that required an elliptical barrel vault that intersected with 6 half circle arches at different heights which they call “Igloos.”  This ceiling came out terrific and came out like the architect spec’d.”

Todd Handwerk, President

Calais Custom Homes, Southlake, TX