Elongated Dome Ceilings

Tech Specs

What do you do when you want a dome ceiling but your space is too rectangular?  Simple, you choose an elongated dome ceiling.  The profile of an elongated dome resembles that of a racetrack which gives you the freedom to add a touch of flair that looks purposeful without the fear that it will look off-centered in your rectangular space.  

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Customer Testimonials

“The products we have purchased from Archways & Ceilings have been a tremendous asset to our new construction projects.  We have incorporated the elongated dome ceiling into the kitchen design of several luxury town homes.  This product has certainly been a “WOW” factor when showing prospective home buyers.  It is a wonderful selling feature that adds a unique value to our homes.  We look forward to working with Archways & Ceilings for many years to come!”

Ryan & Buffey Prenger

Ryan Prenger Construction LLC, Jefferson City, MO