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Gallery of Awe-Inspiring Kitchen Ceilings

Designing a new kitchen? Don’t forget about the ceiling. Vaulted kitchen ceilings can help transform a “nice” kitchen into a work of art.

Okay, so you ordered the best custom-made cabinetry and a rare cut of marble for your countertops. Given the right budget, that’s what everyone does. You’ll have a beautiful kitchen, but it won’t make your guests’ jaws drop. They might comment on a nicely designed kitchen, but they won’t say “Wow!” If you really want to create an awe-inspiring look, pay close attention to your kitchen ceilings. In the following gallery, you’ll see how transformative the right ceiling can be. It can take a room from nice to extraordinary like nothing else can.

Barrel Vaults

You might be used to seeing larger barrel vaults than the one shown here, but remember; we’re looking at some exceptional kitchen ceilings. This one makes use of many small barrels lined up in a row. That alone would be worthy of praise, but this designer took things a step further and tiled them with stone to create an old-word grotto effect. It’s all about espresso and gelato in this Tuscan kitchen.

Groin Vaults

When you let one vault take center stage, you get a showcase-like effect. This groin vault draws your attention to the center of the room; where you can imagine is the spot where late-night chat sessions and family gatherings take place. Let’s not forget to mention the stately arches that draw you in to this welcoming room. Do kitchen ceilings get any better than this?

Dome Ceilings

Domes are a popular addition to kitchen ceilings because they can be used to highlight an important area, such as an island. Since people tend to gather in this area anyway, it’s definitely a good idea to give it a little extra attention when you’re designing the space. This dome is accented with a light ring and a chandelier, which is definitely recommended for this spot. Although this is a traditionally-styled kitchen, a dome can work well in almost any environment. Dome ceilings are popular additions to Tuscan homes and are widely used in modern architecture.

Each of these kitchen ceilings are very different, but they all change the look and feel of each room. The vault you choose will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve. It may be dramatic, traditional, Tuscan or modern. The important thing is that you keep the ceiling in mind when you’re laying out the plans for your new masterpiece. Kitchen ceilings are meant to be celebrated, not ignored. 

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