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Home Design: Groin Vault Ceiling Kit

Groin vault ceilings are one of the most popular arched ceilings being incorporated into home architecture today. They look good in a variety of different room settings, but are currently most commonly designed for dining rooms, foyers, hallways, master bedrooms and master bath rooms. The groin vault ceiling is an interesting design feature that brings its own unique character to each room. While there are some things you should consider before installing them, groin vault ceilings are easier to install than you may think!

When incorporating a groin vault ceiling you have several variables to consider. For example; when designing your groin vault in conjunction with your dining room, you can pop it up above your ceiling and accent it with trim, crown molding, or a cove ceiling. You may also drop it below your ceiling and have one big groin vault. Ideal if you plan on hanging one chandelier from the center of the groin ceiling. Not to mention you can always accent the groin vault hips wit a trim detail. Check out the groin vault photo gallery to get a better idea of this accent feature. Lastly, if you have a giant dining room, you can add multiple groin vaults.

Ultimately, the variables are up to you. Pick out what looks best for your situation and what grabs your eye. In the end, incorporating a groin vault ceiling will be an architectural feature any way you slice it!

Groin Vault Examples: Popping the ceiling up into your attic space

One large groin ceiling

Multiple groin vault ceilings

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