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The Benefits of Groin Vaulting a Ceiling

Are you considering the idea of groin vaulting your ceiling? If you ask us, it’s a good one. Find out about the benefits of choosing this ceiling type here.


So, you’ve got a boring old ceiling that you’re itching to dress up? You definitely have some options. From barrel vaults to domes and tray ceilings, anything you choose will help you break through the boring and create an architectural masterpiece. But you’re probably wondering why anyone would suggest groin vaulting a ceiling over any other method. Well, wonder no more. Let’s explore the many benefits of groin vaulting.


Add value to your home.

Any decorative ceiling will add value to your home. That’s a given. And we’re not saying that groin vaulting will add more value than any other type (although, it may), but this kind of decorative ceiling adds a serious “wow” factor that is sure to grab the attention of any potential buyers.

Be the envy of your neighbors.

Just like groin vaulting will add value to your home and wow potential buyers, it will also wow your neighbors. Imagine everyone on your block with standard, boring ceilings (many people don’t have to imagine this because it’s a reality). Now, imagine being the first “kid” on the block to get, not just any decorative ceiling, but a groin vaulted ceiling. The groin vault is made from two intersecting barrel vaults and its mix of curves and angles creates a look that definitely stands apart from anything else.


Create a medieval masterpiece.

Groin vaults peaked in popularity in medieval times, but they are beginning to make a comeback today. Choose this ceiling type and position yourself ahead of the curve. You’ll notice that the groin vault is extremely common in places of worship. You’ll find groin vaulted ceilings in the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio in Milan, Italy, Charlemagne’s Palatine Chapel in Aachen, Germany, and the Old Cathedral of Coimbra, in Coimbra, Portugal. Where else can you find groin vaults? Head to a local church and you’re likely to see one there too. Maybe soon, you’ll just have to sit in your living room and look up to see another.

Save lots of money.

You can even save money on groin vaulting your ceiling (score!). Just order one of our premade easy-to-install kits instead of hiring someone to build your ceiling from scratch. All we need with your order is a few simple measurements, and we can get started. Within five days after we receive your order, we’ll have your very own groin vault kit, custom made to your specifications, loaded on a truck and on its way to your home or job site.


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