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5 Things You Should Know About Groin Construction

The groin vault is one of the most popular ceiling styles around today, but do you know everything you need to about groin construction? Find out here…

If you’re in the business of producing high-quality homes, you should be all too familiar with the groin vault. It is a popular ceiling design style that will instantly increase the appeal and resale value of any home. But what do you know about groin construction?



Here are the top five things you should know about groin construction:

1. A Vault Defined

Okay, we can’t really move on to groin construction until you really know how a groin vault is meant to look. This vault is also known by a few different names. Call it the barrel vault, cross vault or groin ceiling; it’s all the same. This decorative ceiling is made with two barrel vaults that intersect perpendicularly.

2. Appeal

The groin vault construction is usually associated with Medieval or Romanesque architecture, but the style lends itself to many modern home styles as well. Visit our online gallery Curve Appeal to see this ceiling used in designs that you wouldn’t have thought possible. With the right lighting and finishing techniques, you can mold this ceiling to your needs instead of the other way around.

3. Location, Location, Location

Groin vaults are popular additions to hallways, kitchens, master bedrooms or dining rooms, but they really can be installed in any room as long as it has enough ceiling space. Since this decorative ceiling is usually framed underneath existing joints or trusses, it’s never too late to start groin construction.

4. Groin Construction Method

After you decide to install this ceiling, you’ll have a few choices. First, you could hire a subcontractor to build and install it for you. Next, you could build it from scratch and install it yourself. This is a cheaper option than the first, but there is one option that is a better value. Third, you can take down your dimensions and order a kit that will be constructed for a small fraction of the price of your other two options. It will also be made to your precise instructions in a fraction of the time that it can be built from scratch – in fact, just five days.

5. Budget

Because groin vault construction varies based on size and construction method, prices vary. The one thing we can tell you is that it gets very affordable when you choose a prefabricated kit instead of a groin vault built from scratch. Even if you plan to do the groin construction yourself, you must consider your time into the cost.



Customize Your Perfect Groin Vault

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