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6 Decorative Ceiling Ideas

Check out this gallery of decorative ceiling ideas

When you think of artwork, you probably think of something that has been framed or sculpted, but those aren’t the only forms of art; not by a long shot. Architecture is actually quite artistic and complex. So, when you’re thinking about adding artwork to your home, don’t forget to put some on the ceiling. Wait.

Don’t hang that picture up there just yet. Take a look through this gallery of decorative ceiling ideas for inspiration before you attempt to do anything.

The Stairway to Enlightenment

When you’re going up a flight of stairs, you almost can’t help but look up. So, why not have something interesting there to look at? This dramatic decorative ceiling dome is flanked with dark molding to match the rest of the décor; a very classic look.

The Boho-Chic Bathroom

This room is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage styles, and it’s all tied together with a rustic decorative ceiling element. The exposed boards of this barrel arch help give the room its light and airy feel.

A Gothic Dining Cave

The groin arch above this dining room table helps give the room the feeling of being in a medieval castle. Now, that’s a decorative ceiling with character. Is this where Rapunzel lets down her hair?

The Super Dome

If you’re just looking to give your ceiling a pop of interest, domes are the best decorative ceiling choice. As you can see, this is a very large dome. Yours can be scaled to fit your room and suit your taste.

An Optical Illusion

When you first look at this groin arch, it kind of plays a trick on your eyes. It leaves you guessing about its depth. Now that’s a complex ceiling design. By far, it is the centerpiece of the room.

Better Homes and Ceilings

This decorative ceiling looks like it could have been ripped from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. It has that modern twist on a very classic design that works for many traditional homes. It seems very complex, but it’s really nothing more than a cleverly placed cove ceiling with some fancy molding accents. So, what’s your style? Just like fine art, a decorative ceiling is a matter of taste. Since the ceilings we’ve chosen for this gallery are all of very different styles, there’s probably one that speaks to you more than the others. That’s what artwork is all about, right? 

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