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Rolling with the Jones's and their Barrel Roll Ceilings

Your neighbors are rolling; are you? Barrel roll ceilings are gaining in popularity, and with new affordable options, they are being installed in record numbers.

Barrel Vaulted Framed Celing

Have you heard about what your neighbors are doing? It's all the rage these days. People across the nation are rolling... their ceilings. Don't get left in the dust. You can do it too. Start by learning more about barrel roll ceilings.

What are Barrel Roll Ceilings?

Would a ceiling by any other name be as stunning? Yes; the answer is yes. Barrel roll ceilings go by many names, but they are all equally as stunning. They are also known as barrel vaults, tunnel vaults and wagon vaults, just to name a few. All names refer to the same look. It is based on a single curve that is repeated along a given distance. They can be narrow or wide, short or long. Because of the single-curve design, these are the simplest form of a vault.

Master bathroom barrel ceilings

Are Barrel Roll Ceilings New?

Nope. Barrel ceilings have been around for almost as long as we have had civilization on this planet. Evidence of these tunnel vaults have been found in Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian architecture, although, it didn't become an architectural staple until Ancient Romans began building large-scale projects. After the fall of the Roman Empire, we saw the popularity of barrel rolls fall significantly. At the time, it only made sense to install a barrel vault in a sprawling estate.

Big barrel vault ceiling framing and finished

Why the Sudden Comeback?

Throughout history, this ceiling became popular when trends and finances favored large, expensive construction projects. But recent technological advances have made the barrel vault easier and cheaper to produce, which makes it easier for the Jones's to afford and install barrel ceilings in their own homes.

In fact, here at Archways and Ceilings Made Easy, that's a big part of what we do. We have perfected the art of building prefabricated barrel roll ceiling kits that are affordable and simple for homeowners and contractors to install.

Elliptical Barrel Vault Ceiling

Where Can I Find Barrel Roll Ceilings

If you shop around on our website , you'll find a wide assortment of barrel vault ceilings, and you can even enter custom measurements for your own project and order almost any size. We'll produce it to your specs and ship it to your job site. All you have to do is install, and trust us, that part is easy.

Barrel Ceiling Kit

If you're looking for something even easier (if you can believe it gets easier), look for one of our prefabricated barrel roll ceilings at your local Home Depot or on our website . This option is perfect if you're looking to get the most out of a small budget, and you're fine with working with standard dimensions. And by the way, it's a great way to keep up with the Jones's without spending as much.

Build a Barrel Roll

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