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Archways and Ceilings Reviews

In most businesses, no news is good news. But every once in a while, you'll get a customer that goes out of his way to share his/her experience. Here's a few recent reviews we received. They made our day!

Archways & Ceilings Review #1

April 6, 2017

I just wanted to let you guys know that the range hood kit I ordered turned out great and I couldn't be happier.

Patrick Chaney


Archways & Ceilings Review #2

March 27, 2017

Hello Wesley,

I hardly ever write a customer review or rate a product. In fact, if there is such a thing as an "Anti-Social Media" guy, that's probably me. First, rarely am I that impressed with a product or service — and second, I usually don't make the time to answer requests for a customer review. However, in working with you guys, I was just that impressed.

We were in the process of adding a walk-in closet into an attic space and the low attic ceiling height would require an arch door to maximize the area we had to work with. I had no idea an archway/door solution was going to be so hard to find (and so expensive to boot). I looked for a week trying to find a solution when I came across your website. The website was easy to navigate, responsive and had all the answers I was looking for. And since the prices were so reasonable, I didn't worry about it much even if the solution didn't work — so I went ahead and placed my order online.

The next day, I got a voice mail and an email with "concerns" about my order. "Well, here we go", I thought. When I called back, I was amazed at the service and questions. Because of the door specs, my measurements were a bit "unusual" and prompted you to put the order on hold until the issues were clarified. Heck, most places would have just run the job and sent it – no questions asked.

Our conversation led to an even better archway door solution and even easier installation (as the arches were sent in one piece).

We were working on the room Friday when the pieces arrived right on time. The fit was absolutely perfect – zero issues. And my DIY finished cost for the arch doorways will be 90% cheaper than purchasing a full arch door and jamb kit.

I have already recommended your product to two other builders/contractors — and I will not hesitate to do so in the future.

Thanks for all the help.

Best Regards,
Scott Smith

Archways & Ceilings Review #3

March 3, 2017

Hey Archway Guys and Gals,

Thanks for everything. Your cyclorama kit is awesome.

Thank for making it easier to build. I choose to not use a frame and simply glued the ribs to the cement floor. Used cement patch to fill the concrete grooves and then used a nail gun into the studs on the wall. There are actually 2 x 45 degree angles in the center of the photos that has been fitted with your kits and then Masonite on your ribs. Lots of joint compound and sanding and then finally lighting placed.

I'm no construction expert but it was not hard to do. I didn't even need to use any kind of saw. Now I have much more space to shoot my videos and stills and I'm not limited to a 9 foot paper roll backdrop :) No more black bars in videos! Yea!!

Ted S.

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